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Emergency Air Transport Services Are Only A Phone Call Away

Emergency medical flights are there when you or someone you love are in need of medical care that cannot be obtained locally. In some cases, you must be willing to travel great lengths to receive care from professionals that are at the top of their field. Most local hospitals will be able to accommodate basic health and surgical needs but there are definitely times when you find need to have a procedure done or get a second opinion even from someone in another region of the world. It is for this reason that many people choose to contact an air ambulance service.

Emergency flights are many times an emergency and in these cases you will find that with just a little bit of information an Air Ambulance service will be able to have the patient in route to their destination very quickly. Many times however medical flights are needed for those patients who cannot fly safely for long periods of time and who may need medical assistance while they are in the air. When it comes to these types of patients their travel usually relates to seeking out treatment by a specific health care professional, seeking an alternative treatment option, or attempting to receive care in another country. In these instances, where advance planning is possible it is a good idea to try and leave the medical team 24 hours advance notice to prepare your flight. Advance notice will not only help to ensure that the air ambulance has everything they need to make your flight as comfortable as possible but this extra notice will also probably allow you to pay a little bit less out of pocket.

Air ambulance services not only offer their services in flight but also, since most patients they transport are in need of critical care they will pick up the individual at their hospital bed and they will transport them all the way to their next one. This allows for a continuity of care, which is vital to patient’s that are vulnerable in this way. And to accommodate the needs of not only the patient but the family members as well allowing up to three family members to fly with the patient at no additional charge. Of course, due to the nature of these flights the number of pieces of luggage are

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limited but a few bags can usually be accommodated for. Most patients and their families’ find it best to ship their belongings instead for longer stays. Having the ability to stay together can be of incredible comfort to the patient and their family especially on extended flights overseas.

Most people find that making air travel arrangement for a sick loved one is actually a lot easier than a person might believe. With just a few phone calls and some very basic information such as the releasing and accepting doctor’s information, the locations that the patient will be traveling to and from as well as the date and time of travel. Once payment is made the Air Ambulance service will take care of the rest. Air ambulance services will acquire all the information necessary about the patient’s medical condition and needs from the medical professional who is caring for the individual and the medical records will also be provided for the flight.

In the air, the patient’s every need will be attended to by a licensed and trained medical staff whose size will be determined based on the patient’s physical condition as well as on the length of the flight. On medical flights any and all items that the patient could potentially need, will be stocked on that flight in addition to all the standard medical equipment that you would find in a hospital emergency facility. Of course items such as oxygen, advances life saving and first aid equipment, as well as standard health related items will be on board in addition to any items recommended for care of the patient’s current health challenges.

Having a loved one who is ill can be extremely trying and challenging and when you must move them elsewhere to help them get the lifesaving treatments and second opinions that they are in need of it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, air ambulances services are there to hold your hand through the process of getting your loved one transported safely. They will let you know what information they will need and also inform you of your choices. And medical flights don’t just end when your patient arrives at their destination they will also aid you in filling out and submitting the information you need to when trying to get reimbursement from your health insurance company.

Air ambulance services are not just in the business of air travel and transport they are in the service of caring for people. Emergency flights service not only the patient who is being transported by the entire family as well.