Jet Setters Beware There Is A Better Alternative To Commercial Airline Travel

Domestic and international travel can be seen as the same animal but in fact they are extremely different. When you are looking to travel domestically you are looking to go to a region that is relatively nearby and even with the long delays, hassles, and detours that the commercial airlines offer passengers you can usually make it to your domestic destination in a reasonable period of time.

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International travel is a bit more complicated very simply because it is airline travel that requires traveling into and out of different countries through those airports that are designated to be international airports. In other words you can not simply fly directly to an international location from any airport in the world you must change planes and experience delays and layovers in a variety of different airports and when you are already looking at a day that will require at least 24-48 hours of in air time this can be quite frustrating.

It is important to understand exactly why it is that commercial airlines tend to create this level of confusion. As a measure of saving money, airlines in general have begun to significantly scale back flights and reduce the availability of domestic travel in such a way that it becomes a hindrance to those looking to travel internationally. After all, if you can’t get to the international airport then you can’t get on an international flight. And while most airlines know that they must provide steady and regular service for passengers to international airports, most make it challenging at best to get there on a direct flight or even in a timely manner. Many times you must fly hundreds of miles out of your way to just to get to the airport to meet your international flight and that can create many obstacles to getting to the gate on time.

When it comes to international travel, especially if you need to be in another country on a very specific time schedule then you are best off calling a private jet charter company and seeing what they can offer you. In most cases you will find that not only are the prices fair and competitive but the service is impeccable and they can get you where you want to be, even internationally on a very short notice and in the most timely manner possible. Shaving hours off your international travel day is likely the very best way to get more enjoyment out of international travel and with a private charter company by your side you definitely will experience the difference first hand.



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