What The Airlines Won’t Tell You

When it comes to flying most of us at least like to think that we know a lot about the industry, the safety standards, and that the companies that are FAA regulated are safe. While there are always rumors and the occasional accident or mishap these problems seem to be kept to a minimum and most people at this point in time feel relatively safe when flying on a commercial airline flight.

privaate jet flight

Airlines are not all alike and for starters just because you have heard of a specific company doesn’t necessarily mean that they are devoid of problems. As a matter of fact many of the problems in the commercial airline industry are being swept under the rug and it is for this reason you are best looking at a company’s reputation before flying. Just knowing a name is not the same as knowing their safety record. As a matter of fact there is little in a name.

Investing an airline is actually pretty easy because all you have to do is do a few Internet searches and contact the FAA. The FAA not only governs all domestic flights but all foreign flights as well as documents any problems with a variety of different airlines. Since they regulate the commercial and private jet industries they are well versed in not only the acceptable guidelines but also the industry standards and will let you know any and all complaints that have been filed against a particular carrier as well as any information about citations that have been received by a particular company.

This information is information that the carriers themselves don’t want you to know and whether they are a private charter company or a commercial airline, let’s face it they don’t want word getting out that they are not in keeping with FAA safety regulations and standards so they won’t allow you a way to background check them. Most reputable companies with nothing to hide will graciously provide you with the information you need to check their safety record. If they won’t then I wouldn’t even bother checking them out. After all any company that doesn’t want you to investigate them must be hiding something because if they were on the up and up there would be no problem with checking into their reputation.

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