Passengers Beware Commercial Airline Rates Are On The Rise Again

For those who lived through the nineties it is difficult to believe how much the cost of a commercial airline ticket has gone up over the past two decades. In the 1990’s there were several discount airlines that were on the scene and they were offering discount tickets that were out of this world low. But the bigger more expensive airlines didn’t like the discount airlines because they were stealing all of the business away from them so they decided to change the rules and raise the fees associated with running an airline and as a result they managed to put all the low cost carriers out of business.

Now for the past several decades we have seen a steady increase in the cost of a commercial airline ticket as well as in other services that are associated with flying the not-so-friendly skies. And while it would seem that there is enough money flowing throughout the industry to keep the major airlines afloat there is talk of further rate hikes and then there are additional talks of the increased cost in fuel over the coming months taking a further toll on the costs and fees associated with the airline industry.

It may just come to the point where the average person can no longer afford to fly anymore and then the commercial airlines will close up shop or become like the private charter industry. Then they will perhaps learn their lesson. At least with the private charter industry you are paying for a superior experience and one that truly caters to your needs. In the commercial airline industry you are getting less and less service and you are paying more and more for it and this doesn’t make a lick of sense to anyone.

The commercial airlines need to find a better way to do business. Someone should come in and show them how to micromanage their business. After all, they are charging so much per ticket and so much extra per bag and additional charges for security and airport fees, and paying their employees so little that they are having to go on food stamps. So the question lingers…where is all the money going?

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