Go Ahead And Charge Me Again…I’ll Show You

By far one of the biggest industries that has done a 180 by way of customer service has to be the commercial airline industry. Just think back to those television commercials of the 70’s taht depicted hot looking, smiling faced women ready, eager, and willing to do everything within their reach to make your flight super enjoyable. And while television advertistements can be deceiving you usually found that even traveling with these commercial companies produced pretty good overall results.
Their employees were happy and smiling. They were helpful and willing to go the extra miles for their passengers. They provided a customer based service in which the customer was number one and everything else was second. It was what every consumer would dream of today if dreams might come true.

Back in the day you didn’t have to pay extra to take a bag with you on holiday, after all, it was assumed that if you were traveling that you would very likely need to be taking along some luggage, and if you weren’t well most would think that were awful odd. You also weren’t asked to toss your baby’s bottle over the side or drink more than half of what was contained within it just to prove a point. The point is that we all know babies get hungry too.

All this may seem absurd but only if you haven’t flown commercially in a while, because if you have then you have probably heard and seen some really bizarre and out there kinds of things that make you scratch your head and wonder where did the customer service end of flying go. Well you could try asking the industry but most likely you will hear what they use as their excuse for just about everything these days, that it is all about the added security that they are trying to provide to all of us.
In the end you will find that whatever you want from the commercial airlines, including in some cases bathroom usage will likely cost you extra and as a result you will likely expect that for all this extra cost that you will at the very least receive better overall service, well don’t count on it. In the end you will likely pay more and get less than you anticipate and if you can afford it you may just want to consider taking a private jet charter to your next destination. Doing so may mean that you are paying more but you will at least be getting what you pay for.

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