The Top 5 Business Class Airlines To Fly With

International Air Charter - Thai Airways

If you regularly travel Business Class, you might not have been impressed with the service you’ve received in the past. Although you had plenty of room to stretch your legs, the décor in Business Class might not have been what you were expecting. It doesn’t matter if you pay for your airline tickets or your employer does because there are many airline companies who offer Business Class flights which are bound to impress.

Thai Airways

The food which is served aboard Thai Airways Business Class flights is remarkable. Pre-cooked before your flight, you don’t have to eat the meals which everyone else has because you select what you want before you take off and it will be served. On long-haul flights, you can sit back and relax on a comfortable 180º reclining bed. Sumptuously decorated, this Business Class airline also provides complimentary toiletries as well.

Turkish Airlines

With seventy five inch reclining beds, you can enjoy the life of luxury when you travel Business Class with Turkish Airlines. Champagne and chocolates can be enjoyed as soon as you board your flight and you can also tuck into a four course meal. Thanks to Turkish Airlines, you can sit back and relax when you travel Business Class with this respected airline company.


If you want to freshen up before your flight lands, you can when you choose Emirates. When you travel on the UAE Airline, you can take advantage of a private shower and a private chauffeur service (although this is not provided for every flight). You don’t have to remain seated because you can spend time in a sofa lounge.

Qatar Airways

If you’re hungry before you board a Business Class flight with Qatar Airways, you won’t be when you land. Qatar Airways serves a ten course meal to First Class passengers and many forms of relaxation are provided too. Not only can you have a facial and a deep tissue massage but also relax in a Jacuzzi as well. As the Business Class seats for this airline company can recline, you will feel completely different when your flight touches down.

Etihad Airways

The Business Class suites on Etihad Airways are remarkable. Each suite has a changing room. If you want to have a drink, you can because there is a minibar in every suite. The seats which are on Etihad Airways Business Class flights are very comfortable and will provide plenty of support to your back if you want to read a document on your laptop.

On long-haul flights, it is very important that you get a couple of hours of good quality sleep. Etihad Airways seats can be turned into a comfortable 6ft x 8ft bed by pressing a button. If you didn’t bring your slippers with you, a complimentary pair is provided. You can even wear a sleeping suit because it is also supplied by this airline company. Therefore, you will be very comfortable when you are experiencing REM.

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