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International Air Charter

About Us

We have been flying high in the world of private jet charter for nearly twenty years earning our place as one of the most respected providers in the business.

Our clients trust us to deliver an impeccable service every time and a long tradition of putting the customer first and offering unbeatable service has ensured that they keep coming back.

Based in the UK, we also have a network of international offices to provide a huge base of experience and expertise. Our team is enthusiastic, professional and ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Furthermore, should your itinerary or requirements change at the last minute – our industry reputation, flexibility and financial stability ensure that we can guarantee immediate backup giving absolute confidence with every booking. As a company, we are committed to the future of aviation and proud to continue working hard to set the standards to which others aspire.

ISO 9002 ( we are one of the few aircraft charter brokers to maintain this).

National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA)

Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA)

Wherever you are, or wherever you need to be New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, or Illinois you can rely on us time and time again

International Air Charter is one of the most respected private aircharter companies around and with over 20 years experience behind them you can be sure their services will exceed all your expectations. Get to business meetings all over the world feeling fresh and ready for whatever the day can throw at you. All our dedicated team at International Air Charter are specialists in the aviation industry, and make sure every last detail of your private jet charter arrangements is met before your departure. With access to around 50,000 privately owned aircraft, all of which are beautifully finished to VIP standard, International Air Charter can provide you with everything from helicopters and turbo prop planes to private jets and VIP corporate aircharter.

The team at International Air Charter can organise a private jet to a destination of your choice within hours if required. You will even be escorted from your private plane through special airport terminals and benefit from rapid customs and immigration processes to get on your way as fast as possible. The company also works closely with the carbon passport programme to help members reduce carbon emissions. You can find out more about the carbon passport programme and much more by browsing through the International Air Charter website.