Simple Tips for Finding the Best Frequent Flyer Programs

Many travelers, especially leisure ones, do not bother to sign up for frequent flyer programs under the impression that they don’t travel enough to make it worthwhile. But the fact is, it may be easier to earn a free flight than it first appears. There is no fee to enroll in a program, so essentially, you have literally nothing to lose!  Perhaps you’re about to begin traveling abroad for the first time.  Waste no time in joining a program, so that if you DO end up traveling more than expected, Read more [...]
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The Top 5 Business Class Airlines To Fly With

If you regularly travel Business Class, you might not have been impressed with the service you’ve received in the past. Although you had plenty of room to stretch your legs, the décor in Business Class might not have been what you were expecting. It doesn’t matter if you pay for your airline tickets or your employer does because there are many airline companies who offer Business Class flights which are bound to impress. Thai Airways The food which is served aboard Thai Airways Business Read more [...]
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Mercedes Rolls Out Electric SLS AMG

Anyone who still thinks electric vehicles are wonky should look again.  Since 2010 Mercedes has been displaying its prototype SLS AMG gullwing electric vehicle at car shows, but until now it has just been something to look at and consider for the future. And finally the future is now.  The production model SLS AMG Electric Drive has just made its debut at the Paris Auto Show and somehow it just feels different this time.  For one thing, the shockingly blue paint has been softened to an easy on Read more [...]
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St. Regis Invites Bentley Into the Bedroom

The historic St. Regis New York hotel has teamed up with Bentley Motors to create a one-of-a-kind signature suite named for the luxury auto maker.  The debut of the new Bentley Suite represents a thoughtful co-branding of the two well known names, each equally associated with luxury and quality.  The Bentley Suite offers St. Regis guests the opportunity to experience the essence of Bentley, delivered for the first time ever in a luxury hotel format. The suite offers a living Read more [...]
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Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner Finally Gets an American Home

Boeing Corporation delivered its newest baby to United Airlines last week, representing the first 787 Dreamliner owned by an American airline, and the first in North America.  The milestone also represented the 25th Dreamliner delivered since Boeing gave the first set of keys to the Japanese carrier ANA exactly one year ago. The delivery is the first of five Dreamliners that United is expected to take possession of this year, out of their total order of 50.  The new Dreamliner was flown from Read more [...]
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Space Shuttle Endeavour Hitches a Ride to its Retirement Home

The successful  working life of the space shuttle Endeavour officially ended in May of 2011 when it completed its final space mission, but today that finality sunk in as it took to the skies for the last time on a final joyride across the skies of California.  It took off this morning flying piggyback atop a specially fitted Boeing 747 from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert for a showoff tour before landing at Los Angeles International Airport four hours later.  Thousands of Californians Read more [...]
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Britain’s Most Expensive House For Sale

For the discriminating buyer who has an extra half a billion dollars lying around, a once in a lifetime opportunity has just arisen in London. The luxury home located at number 2 Rutland Gardens has gone on the market for $486 million and change, offered by the estate of Sultan bin Abdulaziz, crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Formerly owned by Lebanon Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, it was given as a gift to the Saudi prince upon Hariri’s assassination in 2005. The seven story home is one of the Read more [...]
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Private Flights at 62 Miles Above the Earth?

We’ve all heard about the futuristic concept of private rocket travel and have wondered if such a thing could be safe and available in our lifetimes.  Well, get ready because the future is now.  As NASA has closed down its space shuttle  program, media attention is now focusing on the private companies that have plans in place to carry passengers into space.  Most of the companies will be carrying scientific cargo as their payload, but each of our examples below also will welcome paying passengers Read more [...]
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Amelia Earhart’s Plane Finally Found?

Researchers think it’s likely they’ve finally found her.  Since she went missing 75 years ago, the mystery of Amelia Earhart has remained unsolved.  On July 2, 1937, during the first attempted around-the-world flight by a woman pilot, Earhart’s Lockheed Electra vanished just before she was scheduled to land on tiny Howell Island in the South Pacific.  After a final radio transmission stating her nearby location, she and her navigator Fred Noonan were never heard from again.  Speculation Read more [...]
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Amazing New Penthouse Suite at Hotel George V in Paris

Perhaps unlike any other city, thoughts of Paris tend to flip on our inner dream switch, allowing our minds to instantly transport us there, whether we’ve never been or we just want to return.  It makes no difference.   The City of Lights offers over 2000 years of history, architecture and art packaged like a beautiful  gift wrapped with a big bow waiting to opened.  And for those who can afford to make those dreams come true, the quintessential place to stay in Paris is the elegant Four Seasons Read more [...]
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