Many Companies Are Using Private Charter Flights To Replace Corporate Jets

So many companies used to keep their very own fleet of corporate planes on hand for travel but when the troubles with the economy began most companies did away with their corporate jets. When they did so they didn’t do it from a stand point of reducing the cost of maintaining their own jets and flight crew but very simply because they didn’t want it to look to the American public like they were making too much money. This became a really big issue when the car companies that were asking for relief from the government started arriving in corporate jets. It was then that the big companies realized that flying corporate jets during an economic downturn was not going to create any level of public support for large companies.

The selling off the planes made everything look better but they were never going to fly commercially nor were they going to drive to their destination, instead they of course were going to charter flights and so they did. It was then that they began to discover how wonderfully cost effective private charters were over owning corporate jets and they found that these companies not only offered equal service to having their own jets but in many cases superior service.

A private charter flight is always on standby waiting for your call where as corporate flights are not always ready to go and in many cases the planes are not used as often which means that they have to undergo costly maintenance to stay functional. And this is a lesson that corporate big wigs are learning the hard way. What was initially just a way to hide some cash actually became quite profitable to the companies themselves. And now instead of private fleets most large corporations and their subsidiaries use private charter services instead for quick flights, excellent service, and a good way to get around without having to fly commercially.

Now that companies have begun to see the light and realize the freedom and ease of travel that private charter companies are providing them with they will never again attempt to maintain a fleet. They can have all the privacy they want on board with the ability to hold business meetings or just relax before arriving at their destination without having the deal with the hassles of other passengers. Private charter flights offer a combination of business and first class flight experiences all in one. It is truly a way for those in the corporate world to have their cake and eat it too.

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