Is My Private Charter Pilot Well Trained Enough?

Some people feel that because an airline pilot has been flying commercially that they have met some superior standard to those pilots who are flying private charter flights. Quite honestly, nothing could be farther from the truth. By law private charter pilots and commercial airline pilots must meet the exact same requirements and both industries are governed by the FAA and are subject to frequent inspections of not only documentation but also of the aircraft themselves.

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When it comes to flying on a private charter flight it is important to note that in 99.9% of situations that your charter pilot is more well trained and has more in flight hours then that of a pilot on a commercial airliner. And recently there have been other, more serious issue brought to light about the pilots of commercial airliners as well regarding the number of hours that they are spending on duty and limited number of hours that they are given to rest up between flights. Some are barely given enough time to sleep before having to hit the skies once again.

Private charter pilots are usually those who are most experienced and since a private jet Charter Company has a huge amount riding on their reputation they make sure that their pilots not only meet FAA regulations and standards but well exceed them. And of course it helps that most private charter pilots fly the same few aircraft over and over again which means that they become very familiar with the handling of those particular vehicles as well as what they can and can’t do.

The bottom line is that when you fly with a private jet charter company you will have the flight of your life. Private charter companies offer excellently trained pilots and co-pilots who have well more experience than just that of minimal industry standards. These companies want you to be impressed with them and therefore they do everything possible to make sure that your pilots are not only acceptable but exceptional at what they do.

Private charter pilots are more well respected and make a lot more money than commercial airline pilots which helps their morale and they don’t have to be worrying all the time about how they can support their families. These pilots have it much better than commercial airline pilots do and this makes flying with a private charter company not only safer but much allows you to rest and relax and enjoy your flight.

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