The Commercial Airlines Are Improving Their Track Record

For many years since 9/11 the commercial airlines have taken the heat from the government and the heat from passengers. Many in the industry have actually turned on many others in the industry and as a result there has also been a great deal of infighting. Unfortunately this has not made for a very harmonious or successful decade for the airline industry.

However, it has not been all bad. Despite the extra charges to consumers for not only security but also rate hikes and baggage fees, despite the endless harrassment that passengers have experienced by being detained, strip searched, and being forced to drink their baby formula and in some cases even breast milk to prove a point…the industry has actually begun to show a marked improvement.

It may be difficult to believe but the airline industry has had a safer track record for the past three years consecutively. Now it is difficult to tell if this is just a coincidence or if some of the changes to their security measures have helped the situation. It must be noted that at least for the past several years that there have been very few even minor instances in the air such as emergency landings, near misses of other aircraft, landing gear problems, or even terrorist like behaviors on board flights.

And as far as larger, more serious incidents the airlines haven’t seen one in the past 3 years at least not on an American based carrier. All in all the commercial airlines are most definitely picking up momentum in the area of safety.

Safety is not the biggest issue, however, that the commercial airlines face. They have lost the trust and support of the consumer and unless they also do something to improve customer service and restore it to the level it was at over a decade ago then they very likely won’t see the increased numbers that they would like over the coming years. With more people exploring alternatives such as flying on private charter flights, there is little hope for consumers flocking to the commercial airlines for all their travel needs. After all, most consumers now know there is a superior way to travel that it open to anyone who wants the option to fly on a first rate carrier.

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