Flying On A Private Jet – Safety Is Always Number One

So many resources would like to have you believe that if you fly on a private charter flight that you are taking your life into your own hands.  That you are in a situation where you might be putting yourself at risk simply because you are flying on a smaller vessel.  This could not be farther from the truth and with the private charter industry you are assured to receive the very best by way of safety and security that anyone in the airline industry has to offer.

Private jet pilots are the best of the best.  They are hand picked from a variety of commercial airline pilots who are well seasoned and are the best at what they do.  While the FAA has minimal standards for all pilots both in the private charter industry as well as in the commercial airline industry, the private charter industry looks for those who well exceed industry minimums and in fact they are looking for pilots that are well experienced and have a huge amount of experience flying the jets they are being hired to fly.

Private charter pilots also have a full advantage over commercial pilots in the fact that they usually fly the same vessel or vessels over and over again.  This means that they are not only well trained in aviation but they are flying a jet they are comfortable with.  As  a lay person you may be able to equate this with the feeling that you have when you drive your own vehicle versus how you feel when you drive someone elses.  You very simply have more control over a vehicle you are more familiar with which definitely improves the manner in which the pilot on a private charter flight can maneuver that jet to do what he wants it to.  It also helps to alert him to an issue that may arise because he knows what the norm is for that vessel.

Safety First

The commercial airlines would like to have you believe that flying on a private jet is taking a risk but in essence a private charter company must at the very least meet all of the same safety qualifications as any larger commercial carrier does.  In addition they also have employees who are paid more, have more flight hours, and are more familiar with the vessels that they fly, making it a more safe and secure way to travel with more consistency across the board.

Is There Really Anything To Fear When Flying?

There are many fears that are unique but some that are more common to people all over the world.  Many people have a fear of speaking in public, a fear of heights, and still many more have a fear of flying.  With the events of September 11, 2001 many more people gave up flying and now over a decade later more people are beginning to take the skies once more.

Still there are many individuals that are scared to step foot on a plane.  Some drink excessively before flying.  Others medicate.  Some even receive tranquilizers from their doctor just to make it through the process.  But what is it that they are afraid of? And are any of their concerns valid?

Well, quite honestly when you look at the commercial airline and private charter industries they do a pretty good job across the board of keeping people safe.  Some will use the tragedies of the past to justify not only their fears but their lack of trust as well but in truth it is less safe to get behind the wheel of a car statistically then it is to board a domestic or international flight.  And honestly all the tragedies that have occurred over the past several decades have only served the purpose to increase the security and cause the airlines to raise their game some.  Improving the way in which the airlines check id’s, search luggage, and even require background checks all helps to make you safer than ever on all flights that take off.

Of course, there really are no guarantees and while airlines do their best to keep people safe this is not to say that bad things can’t happen.  What can be said is that there are risks involved with just about every activity under the sun but flying is safer than most of the activities that you participate in on a regular basis.  So let go and enjoy.

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