Ways to Combat Flying Jitters on a Longer Flight

Flying Jitters


International flights can be very long and for those who are afraid of heights, are just jittery travelers in general, or those that get motion sickness these flights can be tough.  There are however some things that can be done to make your in flight time more pleasant and bearable.

Many people drink on a longer flight but this is not usually advisable especially if you are a person who already doesn’t usually feel well on a longer flight.  If you feel the need for some liquid courage you may instead wish to contact your physician prior to flying and see if he or she can offer you something to help slightly sedate you or at least calm your nerves.  Most people who use this method of calming for flying find it much easier on them then drinking and they usually have fewer side effects as well.

When it comes to flying, if you get motion sickness then you may wish to take some Dramamine or some over the counter homeopathic remedy to help calm your stomach and put you at ease.  If heights are an issue then make sure to stay away from windows and close them if at all possible.  Anything that you can do to help quell your fear will help you to feel happier and more comfortable.

Distractions and sleep can also help to make your time in the air more bearable.  Taking on board things to keep you entertained or getting on board in need of sleep or at least a nap can really help to keep you from feeling that you are stuck in the air for too long.  Most people find that if they can keep themselves distracted on a longer flight that they feel better and that the time tends to fly right by.

Flying with someone you trust can also be a big help.  While many people feel jittery when they fly commercially there are a lot of people who prefer a smaller, private jet charter.  Here they feel that they are flying with a well-trained pilot and a company that truly cares about them and their needs.  Many times this is all someone needs to put their mind at ease.

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