The Long International Flights

International flights come with quite a few rules and thus, especially since 9/11 flying commercial airlines from one country to another has become not only challenging but a downright hassle. It seems every day or nearly that the commercial airlines change their minds about what is acceptable or unacceptable on an international commercial airline flight. As a matter of fact, many of the rules don’t make any sense at all and while designed to keep us safe do very little on that front.

Of course, if you are going to fly commercially you are going to have to abide by their rules but you are also probably going to have to change planes a million times between point A and point B which can be downright frustrating and which can make an already overwhelming travel day, ten times worse to deal with. It is for this reason that more and more people are choosing a private jet charter company to handle all of their travel arrangements. By doing so they are not only boycotting all of the nonsense of the commercial airlines but they are shaving several hours off their travel day because a private charter flight may have to stop and refuel but they won’t require you to change planes or anything of that nature so this allows for a restful travel experience, which when you are traveling internationally is nothing less than a godsend.

It is important to keep in mind however, that private charter companies are not without security measures and they will require all passengers to undergo a background check and their bags and person will be checked as well. All private charter clients will also have to present valid id to prove their identity and they will be screened in accordance with FAA regulations in accordance with those who are not approved to fly. There are still rules on private jet charter flights but they are just enforced in a way that doesn’t serve to inconvenience the customer.

International travel can be both exciting and fun but you will likely find that if you are flying commercially that it takes much longer than it should to get to the destination of your choice. Reducing your international travel time can be easily accomplished when you select to fly on a private jet charter where you will be guaranteed safety without all the hassle. Arrive to your destination rested, relaxed, and comfortable by flying on a private charter flight. It will not only make your flight better but your entire holiday experience.

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