Getting Connected While In The Air

As the growing concerns about terrorism begin to fade and more and more internet ready devices are being produced, it is no wonder that just like hotels that airlines are beginning to offer free WiFi connections on each and every flight.  After all, on a larger, longer flight most passengers are pulling out these devices and since there are few other ways for them to get connected while flying high above the earth’s surface it is nice to know that the full service airlines are there to help them out.

Now you are very likely thinking that most airlines limit the ability to use WiFi devices during take off and landing of flights and in most cases this is still the case but now during the time at which the flight is fully in the air, when the PDA’s and other internet ready devices are out anyway, now there is finally a good WiFi connection for passengers to hook into.  And of course, this Internet connection is complimentary.


WiFi flights are growing in popularity but are still rare in this day and age and pretty much unless you are flying on a private jet charter, don’t expect that every flight you are a passenger on will offer this service.  Still, to date, many airlines are only offering WiFi flights in a limited number and some of the smaller airlines have yet to try it at all fearing that eventually this will result in someone using an inappropriate device at the wrong time.  And with this fear in mind they feel that it just isn’t wise to encourage more and more devices be used in flight.  On the other hand many airlines feel that there is no need to provide this service and that it is just too costly for them to absorb.

Wireless Internet All in all, WiFi is taking the world to new heights and now when you are taking those devices up, up, and away with you they can connect much more easily then you ever thought possible.  Reaching new heights is what the Internet is all about and with free WiFi the airlines are becoming more accommodating and passenger friendly then ever before.

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