Ways To Make The Most of Your Long, International Flight

Person Who Travels A Lot


As a person who travels for a living you may find that you wind up spending more time in the air then you do on the ground.  And the time spent navigating in and out of airports may start to make you crazy but if you use your in flight time in a positive way you will very likely find that you can make peace with the time you are spending in the air.

To begin with you will want to find a way to limit the distractions and interruptions that will occur when you are on the flight.  In order to do this you will likely need to be on a private jet or use a set of headphones or earplugs when flying commercially.  Flights that are extended can offer challenges for some passengers and choosing one that takes off in the evening can help to ensure that many people will be asleep at least during the initial hours of the flight.  By showing up rested you can beat the rush and you can rest when others begin to wake.  Some passengers prefer to use an Ipod to help drown out some of the background noises made by other passengers.

While a flight can be an excellent place to get some work done or catch up on some rest, you are best not to count on meeting a certain deadline before you land.  Many times this type of extreme pressure winds up backfiring on a person and actually creates a less than conducive working environment.  Also, it is important to make sure that you bring a few different things to do while in flight so that you can be flexible in case you simply can’t complete a set activity or if you are not focused on a particular task.

Time in the air can be used to work on the computer, connect with others, hold in flight meetings and come up with creative ideas or projects.  One of the biggest keys to making the most out of that long flight time is to be flexible enough when the climate allows it and to take the time to rest when others around you aren’t giving you the head space and clarity that you need to get your work done.  In the end, using your in flight time will become second nature and you will be less frustrated with those dreaded, long international flights.

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