Finding Kid Friendly Hotels That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Kid Friendly Hotels for Children

Traveling with kids is something that definitely presents its share of challenges.  Air and car travel can be taxing enough on the entire family and the challenges of just trying to keep the kids entertained and relatively quiet can be enough to drive parents mad, so when you arrive you most definitely want to be able to allow everyone to relax and let their hair down and enjoy their holiday.

Both parents and children tend to be attracted to those all inclusive kiddie hotels that seem like so much fun.  The question is so much fun for who? Really, how many parents want to feel like they adopted 100 screaming children for their vacation and then not even be able to tell them to be quiet or send them to their room.  Whose idea of a good time is this?

Well, staying at a kid friendly hotel is a great idea for both parents and children but finding one that is not built into an amusement area can be a challenge.  There are however some ways to make sure that you find a great hotel that will provide not only great family fun and some down time for the parents, but also a place that won’t break the bank.

To begin with you will want to scout out regular hotels that in the area that you will be traveling to that offer one of the following:  free kids meals, babysitting, or a kids program.  These three things are pretty good indicators that you will be dealing with a hotel that will be friendly and accommodating for the entire family.  These hotels very obviously are thinking about those things that a traveling family needs.

Asking in advance can usually let you know right off the bat how receptive each location is to having your kids making noise in the hallways or throwing a hissy fit in the hotel restaurant.  Even the best behaved children are still children and therefore it is important to choose a place where not only the kids can relax but where the parents can catch a little R & R time too.

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