Jet Lag in the Bag: 5 Ways to Take the Lag out With Luxurious

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International jet charters can cure many of the hassles and aggravations related to flying including jet lag! Well not quite- but a private plane and these five tips can make a world of difference.

Get some Rest!

sleep on a private jet
Most charters make sleeping a breeze. There is plenty of room and the absence of airports, waiting around in miserable lounges and being surrounded by strangers all contribute to a more relaxing flying experience. Take advantage of every extra minute available and rest even if you can’t sleep. The additional rest will help your body to acclimatize to the new time zone more efficiently.

Move it, Move it!

stretch on a private jet
Get up and stretch a little, dance a Scottish jig, yoga anyone? Move around and move around often. Wasn’t tip #1 to rest? Well after you rest, get up and move around. One of the supreme luxuries in life is being able to move around at will while flying. Sitting in the same position for hours and hours on commercial flights causes poor circulation, swelling and it has even been known to cause blood clots! The simple act of moving while on an international jet charter will help you arrive in better shape, with less swelling and feeling better. Jet lag lacks legs when yours are in better shape!

Fly Often? Talk To Your Doctor

Jet lag for a person who flies to Europe once every five years for a summer holiday is one thing. Jet lag for an executive that flies to Singapore twice a month is another. There are a variety of sleeping aids including supplemental Melatonin that can make jet lag easier. The key is to enlist the help of a physician and not to self-medicate. Doses, how your body with react and side effects are all things that should be worked out with the help of a physician. Modern travelers ask their bodies to do extraordinary things. Acknowledge this fact and enlist professional help.

Cut to the Chase

paris on an international jet charter
Flying to Paris for a business meeting? Thinking of taking an extra day or two for sight seeing? Don’t. Fly in, have the meeting, eat, stay up all night writing up the report and fly home. The key to this tactic is not to confuse your body by trying to change time zones. Stay in your home time zone. Eat sleep and schedule meetings as closely as you can to regular home times. Never change. This tactic also works well for a few fun nights in Monte Carlo or Madrid.

Eat Like an Athlete

This is a tip from a seasoned international flight attendant. Two weeks before flying treat your body like a professional machine. Drink enormous amounts of plain distilled water. No sugar, no alcohol, no soda. Keep fats and carbohydrates to a minimum and add extra protein and dark green leafy vegetables. Eat small meals often (3-6 times a day). Exercise too while you are at it. The combined effect will be a clear mind, stable blood sugar levels and improved digestion. This kind of diet makes it much easier for the body to cope with the stress of flying and jet lag.

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